Through a strict system of partnerships with well-respected firms specialising in other areas of business and law, CASTELLANA CONSULTORES helps its clients with all their business and personal needs, ensuring that the quality of the services that are subcontracted is the same as those the firm provides in its areas of expertise

We guarantee our clients’ total satisfaction in the treatment and resolution of their issues, no matter the area of specialisation that is required.

The advantage of this service is that clients continue to work with a representative of CASTELLANA CONSULTORES as their single spokesperson, thus avoiding having to manage their matters with different specialists and firms.

The goal is to offer clients the advantages of a multi-disciplinary firm and none of the inconveniences, since CASTELLANA CONSULTORES will always choose the best in the market.

The main areas of specialisation for will create strategic partnerships include:

Administrative management.

Legal counselling.

Property and real estate administration.

Real estate consulting and management.

Account auditing.

Advice on corporate M&A, and sales processes.

Advice on business restructuring processes.