Tax Advice

Tax law has become the most changeable area of law in our legal system. It is almost unthinkable for the taxes that form the central core of our tax system not to undergo several changes every year.

Given this situation, we passionately pursue ongoing training in this area, in order to offer our clients the highest quality advice, lending legal certainty to their business operations and giving them confidence in the procedures.

As a result of globalisation, any company, no matter how big it is, may end up doing international business, thanks to the development of the Internet. This implies a series of tax obligations that must be understood and dealt with correctly; otherwise, a profitable business can turn into a failure.

In this globalised world, there is also a growing interest among Spanish companies in expanding abroad and among foreign companies in setting up operations in Spain. We are experts in successfully accompanying both throughout their international adventures.

Castellana Consultores Asesoría Fiscal

This is based on ongoing contact with our clients and their economic activities, guaranteeing compliance with strict tax regulations, on the one hand, and analysing the variations in regulations and their application in every specific case, on the other.

There are many professional firms, mainly legal firms, that are aware of the complexity of the tax system and ask us to analyse and optimise their tax strategy.

Given the expansive globalisation of the business world, there are many companies established in other countries that would like to open markets in Spain and hire our advising services to do so. We help them in every aspect of planning and monitoring their projects, from creating permanent establishments, to following up on them, to drafting reports for the parent company.

Within this group, we provide advice on all kinds of matters and businesses conducted by individuals that involve tax liabilities.

Our work focuses especially on the analysis and composition of personal estates, the restructuring of estates, and family tax planning.

In this area, we represent our clients before Tax Inspectors and defend their interests before them and higher authorities, when required.

In doing so, we emphasise not only the settlement phase but also the procedural phase.

Our professional specialist in this area:


Rafael Ruiz

Tax Adviser and Accountant


Jaime Manzano

Tax Adviser and Accountant