Labour Advice

The most important asset a company has is its human capital.

A huge amount of financial resources or the best technical equipment or installations are useless if the company does not have the right people to make the business run properly.

We help our clients create a workforce that is perfectly suited to meet its goals, come up with a pay structure that fits its needs, and comply with labour laws. We also work to ensure that the people who work for our clients feel comfortable in their positions and achieve the objectives defined by the organisation in a cost-efficient way.

Our firm assists clients in this process, advising them on decision-making, while also doing all the necessary paperwork to ensure their compliance with existing legislation:


Employee registration and de-registration in Social Security.

Drafiting and processing of employment contracts.

Processing of medical certificates for sick leave or accidents.


Payroll accounting.

Calculation and presentation of social security.

Calculation of compensation.

Calculation and processing of severance packages.

Our professional specialist in this area:


Silvia Calvo Herrero

Expert labour