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CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. (hereinafter), has adopted all of the necessary measures, policies and proceedings as owner of this Web Site for to guarantee and protect the Spanish Data Protection Act(L.O. 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre) and the Law for the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services(LSSI-CE 34/2002, de 11 de junio) and the privacy of the personal data.


  • Identity and address of the entity responsible for the file.

The holder and responsible of the file is CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L.. Services provided or rendered through the web site, by means of the different areas which form part of the website, the users may: visit, obtain information, hire the services offered in the Website. Simply browsing the Company’s website is free of charge and does not require the user to register in advance. The only personal data to which the party responsible for the database will have access to, are those which the website user provides voluntarily in order to access, use and contract the services available through the website.

  • Confidentiality in the treatment of data

The information provided to us by users through this space will be subject to an automated treatment and will be incorporated into a file whose name and responsibility is owned by CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. and will be treated with the most absolute confidentiality.

The responsible body of the files hereby, as well as third parties who perform tasks required to process and/or complete the data treatment or any person to whom the information has been accessible by virtue of the authorization given by the user, are obliged to keep professional secrecy. Moreover, they shall be obliged to adopt the protection levels and to put into place the appropriate technical and organisational security measures ensuring a level of security necessary to ensure the safety of the Personal Information in order to avoid, as far as possible, unauthorised access, illicit removal, modifications and loss of said data.

However, users are warned that the security measures are not indefeasible, and for this reason, the controller of the File may not be held liable for such practices or for their consequences.

By providing personal data, and email address to CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. the subject expressly authorizes the use of such data for the purpose of periodic communications, expressly including any such communications conveyed by electronic mail  that CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. conduct with its clients, collaborators and potential interested parties, informing them of  its activities, news, courses and promotions, as well as any other services offered and products related to their business. In relation to his/her data, the interested party may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition sending an e-mail to the following address: informacion@castellanaconsultores.com as may be applicable: that his/her personal data figuring in the files of CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. for the effects of consultation or possible rectification, that the authorization for the reception of communications be cancelled and/or revoked and shall notify CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. the effective rectification, cancellation  of the personal data in its files.

The user’s personal data with those generated as a result of the access, use or hiring of the service may only be subjected to automated treatment and disclosed to third parties with the express aim and authorization of the USERS.

  • Segmentation and categorisation of information

The registration of personal data furnished at the time of subscribing or acquiring  courses, seminars, publications products and services, together with any other provided during this relationship, also implies voluntary acceptance of the treatment of these personal data by the CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L for classification or categorisation of same so as to running of general administration, send information, commercialisation of our services, develop profiles, analysis of proposals requested by the USER/CLIENT, statistical study of services and contents being used, adapting them to the needs, tastes and preferences of users, surveys or forms.

  • Communication of the data

Providing personal data by the user entails an express and full acceptance on the User’s part of the assignment and transmission of these data for purposes similar to those described before, to other partners working with CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L., auxiliary and collaborating companies as well as to authorize the data controller to receive from the legal entities mentioned working with CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L data contained in its files, even in an interconnected manner, for the above-mentioned purposes.

CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. will transfer information to third parties allowing identification when:

– We have your consent to share such information.

–We may need to share such information to provide you a product or service at your request.

–We need to send that information to companies that work with CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. to provide products or services you have requested (unless we inform you otherwise these companies are not entitled to use the identifiable information shared, beyond necessary).

–To respond to citations, summons or court orders, or when we believe your activities in our website violate any of the instructions of use of our product or services.

  • Rights of data subjects and its exercise

The data protection law (LOPD) acknowledges the USER’S rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection relating to the use of personal data and the use, classification and segmentation of personal data.

The user can exercise his/her access rights access, rectification, cancellation or objection as regards his/her personal data, sending a letter to Data Protection CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. PASEO DE LA CASTELLANA 210, 5º8 C.P. 28046 MADRID (MADRID) or the email address: INFORMACION@CASTELLANACONSULTORES.COM; requesting, as may be applicable: that his/her personal data in the files of CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. be sent to him/her via the same means, for the effects of consultation or possible rectification, or otherwise that the authorization for the reception of communications be cancelled and/or revoked, CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. being obliged to notify of the effective rectification and/or cancellation of the personal data from its files.

  • Cookies

We inform you that we use cookies to customise the contents and advertising when you browse this web site and to keep you informed regarding special promotions, new products and services, to shape and enhance our relationship with the USER and get adapted to his/her technological means. This information includes any information contained in the cookies CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. and about the websites, he /she might have visited. The USER can configure the browser to be notified of the reception of cookies or, if it is required, to prevent the installation of cookies on the hard disk; for this purpose the User should refer to the browser’s instructions and manuals to enlarge upon this information.

CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. uses this information: Links to other websites/ hyperlinks.

This website uses other hyperlinks that allows the user to be redirected to third party websites. CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L., under no circumstances accepts responsibility for the content, information and/or services offered or the safety measures on the websites on which the user might have accessed  through links established in the website of CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L.,. Additionally, CASTELLANA CONSULTORES S.L. shall not be held liable for the security procedures of other Web Sites, subject to their own privacy policies, with links to our Web Site, and to which the user accesses under his/her own exclusive responsibility.

  • Amendments in the data protection and privacy policy

Lastly, we inform you that the Responsible Person reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy hereby, so as to comply with any novelties or amendments in the applicable legal or case law dispositions, as well as, any modifications in the normal business practices, though it shall be notified, well in advance of any modifications in the normal business practices and when they will begin to take effect.



Those receiving communications, information, newsletters and electronic publicity from CASTELLANA CONSULTORES, receive them on the following grounds:

– Online registration from this website.

– Online registration from the webpage of partners.

– Your requests for information of our products and services.

– For having submitted information to our partners or employees.

– For off-line register of forms, newsletters or applications, etc., that are offered in business fairs, offices, business partners and that are kept on file for their subsequent verification for five years.

Our communications are not meant to any person who does not wish to receive them, thus, to redress a situation that could lead to a person registering another one without his/her prior consent, we have incorporated to this registration system a filter based on a “non-contact list” that prevents registering any email address included in it.

Therefore, if you do not wish to receive any communication and want to avoid anybody registering you without your consent, please do forward an email to INFORMACION@CASTELLANACONSULTORES.COM, indicating in SUBJECT: “UNSUBSCRIBE LIST” and we will include in the “non-contact list” the email address from which the message has been forwarded.

If you have any problems during the procedure to do it by electronic means, please do not hesitate to contact us by phoning (+34) 913595403 in office hours and you will be personally helped to deal with the procedure.



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